3rd Gen Submersible LED Lights – Pool Lights


  • Born for Pool Use – This is our 3rd generation pool light. To make the underwater light easier and easier to use, and more elegant, is our mission. This pool light could not only be used for under ground pool, but also for above ground pools. Actually it could be also used at home as décor light, party light or night light. Check our video, it present different light effect with different installing methods.
  • Big & Strong: Size 4 inches, 20 LED beads, over 10 customized accessories, 28 static colors, more than 100 lighting modes. Strong magnet, strong shell and light holder.
  • Pairing Mode – You want your light be controlled by one designated remote? And not be interfered by other’s remote? Then take this product. It make you realize one remote control one light of yours, and another remote control another or others. Also you can just release the pairing connection between lights and remotes and use like other normal lights in the market. For more refer to the manual.
  • Bright and Rechargeable – Big LED Lens and premium transparent optical material as well as the best led chips, bring you the brightest light effect over similar items. Certainly it is colorful and changeable, dimmable. We also designed two lighting zone – side lighting and top lighting. Combine them you will get – side lighting only, top lighting only, side and top lighting both. Bring you abundant light effect.
  • Q-Pad – A innovative accessory to make this waterproof light become the most versatile cordless submersible light in the world. Strong magnet built in, then you only need to put the light on it with a snap, light will be fixed on the holder. The Q-Pad could also load strong silicone suction cups and double sided adhesive tape, as well as a metal hook, that means you could install the light anywhere you want actually.
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