2018 New Generation Issued

We developed our 2nd generation submersible led lights and has already issued on amazon. Comparing with our last generation, it has been upgraded from below main details –

  1. We designed much stronger waterproof capability for this generation, applied strong waterproof structure and design to make sure it is used without any problem for any daily water use, like pool or pond.
  2. It uses AA batteries, not AAA any more, the running time is 3 times long then old version;
  3. New version is controlled by radio frequency signal and not infrared ray anymore. Signal is strong and could get through walls, and will largely improve the using experience of control of such light.
  4. We designed 3 kind of fixing method for this light, making it easy attach somewhere you like.

Welcome to check our product and purchase.

For batch order more than 100 pieces, welcome to contact info@qoolife.co or service@qoolife.co, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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